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Railroad ties for landscaping? Yes, the same materials used for the railroads can also be used for the garden. So don't be surprised why they're in Briggs Contracting, Inc. Also called as sleepers, these ties are durable and versatile materials for landscaping.

Why Use Railroad Ties?

Their cheaper price compared to other landscaping materials like stones and brick is undoubtedly one of the reasons why railroad ties are popular landscaping options. Perhaps one of the reasons for their cheap price is their mass availability. Some of them are also recycled from old railroads, which typically use hardwood such as oak.

Although cheap, they have never compromised quality. In fact, they are easier to work with because they already got the ribbon-like structure for wrapping plant boxes. Even a novice DIYer can easily finish a landscaping project with railroad ties.

There's no worry also about the general look of your outdoor because railroad ties can blend well with any landscape color. They can be painted, but they're better left as natural as possible.

How to Use Railroad Ties

Contractors and homeowners alike are starting to realize the unlimited possibilities with railroad ties. They can be used on virtually everything in the landscape design. But the most common is for framing plant boxes. They are gorgeous borders for the lawns, too. Unlike other materials, sleepers can be stacked vertically, horizontally, even diagonally. They are also great for separating the irrigation areas for trees, flowers, and lawns. Use them also for separating landscape areas for easier maintenance. Mowing lawns bordered with these ties will be easier and faster.

If not with plants, railroad ties can be used with terraces and stairs as risers and decoration for the slope. Although a little work is necessary, but sleepers can be cut into two-feet long materials for driveways and walkways. A fence will also be perfect with railroad ties. Cut ties into shorter pieces and they can be weaved like a basket and then be used as a nice and unique walkway.

There's more. Railroad ties can define a beautiful effect of a water feature, protect the sprinklers, and even support a mailbox. The possibility doesn't end here. Think of what more can sleepers do to your outdoor and you might be surprised of how clever you are.

Choose Quality

Although generally beneficial, there are railroad ties that can be very harmful. But these are only those that are of low quality like those that were not treated well. Some may be treated but using only poisonous chemicals. You sure don't want them near your plants.

Concrete railroad ties are heavy also and will need special cutting tools. But bear with their heaviness. This only means that they are durable enough to keep your landscape beautiful forever.

But besides railroad ties, maybe you need more materials to beautify a landscape. Besides sleepers, Briggs Contracting, Inc. is also supplying other landscape materials like pavers, boulders, stones, statuary, garden sheds, and many more. Feel free to contact us today for consultation and estimate. We can help you decide the best landscaping material for your project no matter how small or big it is.

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